Balancing Sympathy With Facts

    May 4, 2018: Gaza border riots escalated as Palestinians vandalized and set ablaze pipes that carry fuel and gas, as well as crossings where humanitarian aid from Israel and the international community passes into the Gaza Strip to aid Gaza residents. (Photo from IDF’s website.)

    Balancing Sympathy 
    With Facts 
    By Richard Friedman, 
    BJF Executive Director
    The Hamas-instigated invasion of Israel’s Gaza border provides a stark moment of truth: Are you with the Iranian-backed terror regime or are you with a democracy that, despite the outrageous public opinion attack it has had to endure, has responded with restraint, particularly given its military might?

    To side with Israel, does not mean you are immune to the suffering of the Palestinian people — suffering imposed on them by leaders who’ve rebuffed Israel’s multiple efforts over the decades to resolve the conflict. 

    Violence, terror, suicide bombings, rockets, and attempts to pierce Israel’s border, either through underground terror tunnels or an above-ground invasion, have continued to fail and create confrontations which have led to tragic casualties. 

    A bright spot in all this is that the US is standing firmly behind its ally Israel, reflecting a deep understanding that this latest Palestinian border ploy is one more attempt by bloodthirsty enemies to isolate, destabilize and destroy the Jewish state. 

    No one in the Trump Administration frames this with greater clarity than America’s Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley.

    “At a time when Venezuela lurches toward dictatorship, Iran imprisons thousands of political opponents, and ethnic cleansing has taken place in Burma, the UN’s so-called Human Rights Council has decided to launch an investigation into a democratic country’s legitimate defense of its own border against terrorist attacks,” Haley said with outrage the other day. “It is another shameful day for human rights.”

    She is right — and Israel is right. 

    Weep for those Palestinians who’ve been duped by their leaders, feel saddened that Hamas has again put innocents in the line of fire as a cynical maneuver to manipulate public opinion. 

    And pray that one day things will change.

    Until that day comes, Israel will have no choice but to defend its citizens, have a hard time avoiding civilian casualties since Hamas plants itself within the general Gaza population, and continue to wish that the resources and manpower that Israel must put in to defending itself could be redeployed to benefit all of the people in the Middle East.


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