Administration Leaders Stand By Israel As Challenges Mount

    Administration Leaders
     Stand By Israel As
    Challenges Mount
    This is a moment to be treasured in US-Israel relations. The Trump administration has put in a staunchly pro-Israel foreign policy team.
    Led by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, National Security Advisor John Bolton and Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, this administration clearly supports Israel’s right and responsibility to defend itself against countries that wish to destroy it; shares Israel’s (and key Arab states’) discomfort over the flawed Iran nuclear accord; and shares Israel’s deep concern about Iran’s growing presence in Syria, a hostile, implacable enemy that borders Israel.
    Israelis, over the years, have said the following referring to their enemies:  “Look what they do to their own people.  Imagine what they would do to us if they only had the chance.”  This fear has proved frighteningly true once again amid reports that the Iranian-backed Syrian regime recently used chemical weapons against its own population.
    I remain proud that in 2015 the Birmingham Jewish Federation board of directors expressed its disapproval of the Iran nuclear agreement and believe that history will validate the wisdom of this BJF board decision.
    – Richard Friedman, BJF Executive Director 

    Click for video on Secretary of State Pompeo’s visit to Israel.


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