“From Brooklyn To Bham” Highlights Surprising Trend

    Image is of the Jewish Birmingham magazine that the Birmingham Jewish Federation produced.
    “From Brooklyn To Bham” Highlights Surprising Trend
    By Samantha Dubrinsky, 
    BJF Director of Community Impact
    A wonderful article entitled, “From Brooklyn to Birmingham: One Park Slopers No Regret’s Move” highlights the growing trend of young professionals, who are looking to start a family in an affordable city, moving to Birmingham.
    The article appeared in a New York real estate magazine and focuses on a couple, who previously had no ties to Birmingham, who moved to the city after deciding to start a family.
    “We always said we wanted to live in a place that had a good food scene, things to do in nature, and if possible, somewhat of a music scene too. We knew that Birmingham checked all of those boxes before we made the move, but we weren’t sure what the city would ‘feel’ like or how people would respond to us and vice versa,” the couple explains in the article.
    “As new parents, we were also very concerned about public schools and things like parks, playgrounds, libraries, and museums. Surprisingly, the city has exceeded almost all of our expectations,” they added.
    Part of what has made their Birmingham experience so wonderful is our very own Levite Jewish Community Center.
    “Part of the reason,” the couple explained, “we’ve had an easy time finding like-minded people is because I work for a major media company (that has recruited lots of people from NYC and other big cities) and also because we’ve joined our local Jewish Community Center, which has a pretty diverse membership. We’ve met lots of great families through the JCC and feel like it’s a big part of why we feel so at home here.”
    This article on one family’s experience is representative of a trend that we’re seeing in Birmingham. The LJCC saw an uptick in young professional membership joins in January and the Birmingham Jewish Federation’s You Belong In Birmingham initiative draws more and more participants with each program that is planned.
    As a young professional born and raised in Birmingham, who now works for the Federation and with our LJCC, I’m constantly amazed at the amount of young people I meet who have just moved to Birmingham from what some would see as “more desirable cities,” such as Philadelphia or Atlanta.
    Birmingham is becoming a career and lifestyle destination spot for young professionals and young families who are looking for an affordable, dynamic and energizing place to live. And our Jewish community is certainly reaping the benefits of our increasingly popular city.


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