Community Screening of Holocaust Escape Tunnel Film

    Holocaust Escape Tunnel, which premiered on NOVA on APT/PBS in April of this year, documents the discovery of a Holocaust secret that lay buried for almost 70 years in Lithuania-a forgotten tunnel, dug by Jewish prisoners, using spoons and their bare hands, in a daring attempt to escape from a Nazi extermination site in 1944.
    In addition to Holocaust Escape Tunnel, Wolfinger has produced and directed numerous critically acclaimed, award-winning television specials and series broadcast nationally and internationally on most major networks and leading cable outlets. He recently produced  9/11 Inside the Pentagon and The Bomb for PBS; both garnered an outpouring of positive, critical acclaim.
    Wolfinger’s forte is adventure, science, and historical programming, and he has been working in the genre since the early 1990s, when he produced his first NOVA/WGBH special, Submarine. Since then, he has produced more than 25 NOVA specials on topics ranging from biological weapons to lost Nazi U-boats to climate change in Antarctica. He has worked with some of the most brilliant minds in science, including Svante Pabo, the leading geneticist at the Max Planck Institute. He has consulted and filmed Dr. David Gallo of Wood’s Hole Oceanographic Institute for several ocean-oriented specials, and he has accompanied world-renowned explorers, such as Dr. Robert Ballard, on countless adventures across the globe and deep beneath the sea.
    Wolfinger and Rocky Collins won a national Emmy for their NOVA/New York Times production of Bioterror in 2002, and the pair was nominated the next year for the NOVA special, Dirty Bomb. Wolfinger also won a regional Emmy for Coma: The Journey Back, and he has received a George F. Peabody Award, an American Film Festival Blue Ribbon, and the Independent Documentary Association Award.
    His other films include the highly acclaimed original series Moon Shot: The Inside Story of America’s Race to the Moon; D-Day in HD, Titanic’s Achilles Heel, and 35 episodes of Deep Sea Detectives for the History Channel; Alien Deep for the National Geographic Channel, and numerous award-winning documentaries for NOVA, including To the Moon, Pocahontas Revealed, and Hitler’s Lost Sub.
    Holocaust Escape Tunnel premiered on APT/PBS on NOVA on April 19, 2017. The October 15 screening is sponsored by the UUCB Film Committee, Alabama Public Television, the Birmingham Holocaust Education Center, the Levite Jewish Community Center, and the Birmingham Jewish Federation.
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