Young Folks Survey To Help With Reimagining Jewish Birmingham

    The following message was sent out in an email to young folks in the Jewish community who are approximately under the age of 45. The survey mentioned in the text below will provide Birmingham Jewish community leaders with valuable information on how to move the Jewish community forward. 
    Read below and, if it applies to you but you did not receive the survey, please email Andrea Haines (, by Thursday, Oct. 12. 
    There is a movement afoot in the Birmingham Jewish Community being led by volunteers Lisa Engel, David Sher, and Donald Hess which they are referring to as Reimagine Jewish Birmingham. It is based on the premise that what has existed in the past in our community in terms of structure, governance, etc. has worked extremely well but that the status quo will not serve our community and particularly our younger generation in years to come.
    Lisa, David, and Donald want to make sure that the Millennial generation has a strong voice in planning for the future and to that end, they have asked us to survey our contemporaries and ask a series of questions about how we would “Reimagine Jewish Birmingham.”
    The survey is our effort to ask and get answers to those questions.   We ask that each “young” adult (as opposed to each household) in our community fill out the survey.  This is our chance to have a profound impact on our own future and the future of our children and ultimately grandchildren in Birmingham.

    Although we did our best to send this to every young Jewish person in Birmingham, we know that not everyone received the survey. If you know of someone that did not receive the survey and should have (including your spouse/significant other), please let us know by emailing Andrea Haines.

    If a question doesn’t apply, please select N/A . Survey responses will be anonymous.  This survey contains 29 questions (primarily multiple choice) and should take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.
    The deadline to complete the survey is Friday, Oct.13.
    Please take this seriously and respond thoughtfully. The future is in our hands.


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