Our Next 100 Years

Our Next 100 Years: One Community, One Destiny

Something amazing has taken hold.

For three years our Montclair Road campus agencies - Birmingham Jewish Federation, Birmingham Jewish Foundation, Levite Jewish Community Center, Collat Jewish Family Services and NE Miles Jewish Day School - have been working on a project called "Our Next 100 Years."

It's a bunch of important things rolled into one. It's a campaign, it's a planning process, it's a community engagement process, it's an initiative and it's a phenomenon. Put together it's an unprecedented effort that will shape our Jewish community for decades to come.

A planning group cochaired by Jewish community leaders Richard Pizitz Jr., Stephen Dorsky and Amy Saag and made up of Montclair Road agency presidents and directors, along with some other volunteers, has identified eight strategic initiatives. These initiatives - or target areas if you will - are the areas that our planning group believes must be addressed creatively to sustain the continued growth, viability and success of our Jewish community.

They are:

  • Ensuring that Jewish life in Birmingham is accessible to all.
  • Expanding the Jewish population of Birmingham.
  • Maintaining superior facilities and expanding membership and usage of our community agencies.
  • Strengthening Jewish education and culture and sustaining Jewish continuity.
  • Providing a safety net for vulnerable Jews in our community.
  • Continuing to have our Jewish community play an important role in the welfare of the broader Birmingham community.
  • Ensuring that Birmingham Jewry remains meaningfully connected with Israel and Jews worldwide.
  • Preparing our community for the increasingly turbulent world now unfolding.

Fundraising chair for "Our Next 100 Years" is veteran Jewish community volunteer leader Jimmy Filler. Jimmy's agreed to chair the campaign for at least the next five years. Birmingham Jewish Federation Executive Director Richard Friedman is serving as Executive Director of "Our Next 100 Years," in addition to his Federation duties.

More than 200 members of our Jewish community have had the chance to learn more about "Our Next 100 Years" through personal visits. If you are interested in learning more about "Our Next 100 Years" email us at Update@bjf.org. A representative of "Our Next 100 Years" committee would be glad to meet with you to tell you more!