Annual Federation Awards

Joanie Plous Bayer

Young Leadership Award

The Joanie Plous Bayer Young Leadership award is given annually by the officers of the Birmingham Jewish Federation to a volunteer 40 or under who has distinguished himself or herself over the years through their involvement in the Federation and Jewish community. It is in memory of the late Joanie Bayer, who was an outstanding young leader. This year's winner is Bernard Nomberg.

Bernard continues to play an important role in our Jewish community. He is chair of "Choices for Tomorrow," a group of young Jewish adults that has come together through "Our Next 100 Years," to think about the future of our community. Bernard also has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Federation and Foundation. He has visited Israel on a national Federation mission, along with his late wife, Karen, who also was a Joanie Bayer Young Leadership Award winner. Bernard is an attorney with the Cochran Firm in its Birmingham office.

Past winners:

Joel Rotenstreich (YL Award), Micky Rubenstein (YL Award), Harry Bayer (YL Award), Joanie Plous Bayer (Of Blessed Memory) (YL Award), Donald Hess (1985), Steven Brickman (1986), Heidi Damsky (1987), Ronne Hess (1988), Martin Damsky (1989), Alan Engel (1990), Susan Greene (1991), Susan Greene (1991), Steve Greene (1992), Susan Goldberg (1993, Of Blessed Memory), Lisa Engel (1994), Barbara Aland (1995), Ron Levitt (1996), Steven Corenblum (1997), Caryn Corenblum (1998), Rabbi Cindy Culpeper (1999, Of Blessed Memory), Susan Lapidus (2000), Brad Sklar (2001), David Kahn (2002), Sheri Krell (2002), Jim Tolbert (2003), Lauren Perlman (2004), Karen Nomberg (2005, Of Blessed Memory), Randi Landy (2006,2007), Bernard Nomberg (2008).

Susan J. Goldberg

Distinguished Volunteer Award

Jewish community leader Maury Shevin is this year's recipient of the Susan J. Goldberg Distinguished Volunteer Award. The award, started 3 years ago in memory of the late Susan Goldberg, goes to volunteers who have distinguished themselves through their leadership roles, character, community activities and philanthropy. The winner is decided by the officers of the Federation after nominations have been reviewed and recommended by an advisory committee.

Maury, an attorney at the firm of Sirote & Permutt, has been a leader in our Jewish community for years. A past president of Temple Beth-El, he has served the Federation as VP for Jewish Community Relations, VP for Finance and as a member of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors. His leadership and vision have significantly expanded the work and impact of our Jewish Community Relations Committee.

Past winners:

Ginger Held (2006), Melba Epsman (2007), Maury Shevin (2008)

N.E. Miles Lifetime Achievement Award

The N.E. Miles Lifetime Achievement award is named for the late Dr. Nathan E. Miles, who demonstrated a lifetime of philanthropy and devotion to our Jewish community. The Birmingham Jewish Foundation established this award to honor exceptional individuals who have made provisions through the Foundation to endow their annual Federation campaign gift in perpetuity and who have demonstrated a lifetime of generosity, involvement and caring on behalf of our Jewish community. The officers of the Foundation select the winner.

Faye and Norris Friedman are this year's recipients of the N.E. Miles Lifetime Achievement Award. For decades, Faye and Norris have been generous supporters of many causes in the Birmingham Jewish community. Norris retired in 1999 from Norris Sales Company Inc., a successful business he built with Faye's help. Norris is a member of the Federation's Board of Directors. Their landmark gift to "Our Next 100 Years," a historic Jewish community initiative, helped start this important project.

Past winners:

Dr. Nathan E. Miles (1991), Charlotte & Max Corenblum (1992), Judy & Harold Abroms (1993), Elaine & Arnold Royal (1994), Jimmie & Emil Hess (1995), Betty Allenberg Goldstein (1996), Micky & Stanley Rubenstein (1997 & 2005), Suzanne & Howard Bearman (1998), Bernice Barstein (1999), James Sokol (2000), Marian & Myron Radwin (2001 & 2002), Melba & Abe Epsman (2006 & 2007), Karl & Gladys Friedman (2008), Faye & Norris Friedman (2009)